DEphoto (Franchising Ltd) GDPR Compliance Documentation

Key Documents

Legitimate Interests, Consent and Fair Processing Explained

Data Protection Policy

Fair Processing Procedure

Legitimate Interests Assessment (LIA)

Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy


Device Management Policy

Security Monitoring Policy

Data Protection Policy

Information Security Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

Boundary Device Protection Policy

Clean Desk Policy

Email Policy

Encryption Policy

Password Policy

Removable Media Policy

Security Response Plan Policy

Physical Security Policy

Remote and Mobile Working Policy

Access Control Policy

Training Policy

Records Management Policy


Information Classification Procedure

Collection of Evidence Procedure

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Reporting security weaknesses and events procedure

Responding to information security reports procedure

External Parties Information Security Procedure

Fair Processing Procedure

Subject Access Request Procedure

Data Quality Assurance Procedure

User Account Management Procedure

Data Portability Procedure

Objection to Processing Procedure

Subject Erasure Procedure

Subject Rectification Procedure

Restriction of Processing

International Data Transfers Procedure

Risk Assessment Procedure

Communications Procedure

Collection of Evidence Procedure

Contact DEphoto’s Data Protection Officer (DPO):

Mike Moore
Tel: 01342 894575