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Andy Salt - Aug 23, 2015
"DE Photo attended our Tournament for the second year running and yet again delivered an amazing service that parents loved and are still raving about the photo's they've had of their kids. I look forward to welcoming DE Photo back to our tournament next year."

Lynn Fleming - Aug 22, 2015
"Good efficient company, would use again."

Nicky Challinor - Aug 15, 2015
"Fantastic service, friendly staff, great photos. Thank you."

Sam Wicks - Aug 14, 2015
"Simple to arrange and no strings attached service. Exactly what we needed given bad weather can cancel cricket matches at a moment's notice, and your staff were very understanding of this."

Paul Wood - Aug 14, 2015
"DE Photo staff are always included into our tournament, every one attending finds all staff fantastic. Great photos at a great price."

Lee Adams - Aug 01, 2015
"Steve and DE Photo offer a great service and are now part of the annual regatta, as a bonus we also earn a little for having them come along too!"

Simon Vestal - Jul 31, 2015
"Excellent experience once again with staff proving to be very helpful indeed. Thank you very much for your continued support and attendance at our football camps, it is very much appreciated and brings something special to the course."

Ryan Hull - Jul 31, 2015
"Very good service with no hassle, photographers were helpful and made the day run smoothly. "

Heather Prichard - Jul 21, 2015
"Leavers party was great - the children loved having pictures taken with friends and the parents loved the idea of having a 'last primary school' picture :-)"

Nick Abraham - Jul 19, 2015
"Good photos taken. Friendly photographers. "

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