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Heather Prichard - Jul 21, 2015
"Leavers party was great - the children loved having pictures taken with friends and the parents loved the idea of having a 'last primary school' picture :-)"

Nick Abraham - Jul 19, 2015
"Good photos taken. Friendly photographers. "

Natasha Handoll - Jul 19, 2015
"The people that turned up to the event were lovely. They were very accommodating on the day and polite."

Christopher Dunne - Jul 18, 2015
"DE Photo offered excellent photographic coverage at our tournament."

Robbie Walker - Jul 18, 2015
"I think it makes an event when DE Photo are there as well, we never had all this many years ago, the photos are a constant reminder of a good event which people can treasure for many years."

Marilyn Wells - Jul 17, 2015
"We have used DE Photo for the last two years and will continue to do so. The service is excellent, very friendly and professional staff and the photographs exceptional. Thank You DE Photo we look forward to our next event with you. "

Jan Fenson - Jul 16, 2015
"As always, the service provided by DE Photo was superb. Staff always arrive early and are very professional about taking the photographs (without getting in the way of the presentation). They also mingled throughout the after presentation party taking many photos, and where parents requested specific photos too."

Phil Coleman - Jul 16, 2015
"Brilliant support as always from Steve"

Jacqui Yarwood - Jul 12, 2015
"DE Photo are always professional and discreet at competitions. They are very helpful and flexible where possible. I can recommend the team we use for all our events - around 7 big competitions per year!"

Kate Mead - Jul 08, 2015
"Excellent service as always will be rebooking once our 2015/16 dates have been agreed. "

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